The Packaging Design BFA Program is the only undergraduate degree of its kind in the U.S. Through an intellectually rigorous, comprehensive, and leading-edge curriculum, the program prepares students to be collaborative designers, informed global citizens, and effective communicators able to exceed the expectations of the profession. The program emphasis is on experiential brand and packaging design as an integral part of business strategy – an important component of marketing objectives, intrinsic to the communication of a consumer product company’s value, character, and core business – and a vehicle to create meaningful relationships between consumers and the products and services they choose.
Focusing on brand development and applications across the ever-expanding array of consumer product categories, it continues to concentrate on the increasing complexities of brand building and creating brand experiences on pack and off to meet the omni channel world of traditional retail and e-commerce. Changing consumer behaviors and retail realities that influence shopping patterns have a direct impact on brand and packaging design and the program education continuously adapts to address these new challenges.
Sandra A. Krasovec / Professor / Coordinator
Packaging Design BFA Program
Communication Design Pathways Department

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