Hello, I'm Julia — an artist and designer living in creativity fueled by the pulse of NYC. Drawing inspiration from the city's dynamic energy, I merge handcrafted authenticity with innovative thinking, tailoring designs to meet people's needs. Infused with the influence of mixed media, eye-catching colors, and balanced compositions, I translate these elements into consumer packaging. My designs feature illustrative elements, handcrafted typography, vibrant palettes, and forward-thinking concepts. Driven by a deep connection to the natural world, I find inspiration in raw expressions that reflect the delicate balance of life. This connection permeates my language of design thinking, allowing me to conceptualize and create with a genuine and harmonious touch. My design style, rooted in trust and sustainability, aims to connect people with products. Bringing brand identities to the forefront also illuminates my own design identity, grounded in the essence of life's balance.

Visit my website here.
View my digital portfolio here.

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