Hey! I’m Anaya (rhymes with papaya). For some reason, I’ve always been pulled towards the weird and peculiar, and have embraced this about myself. My personal journey has led me to appreciate these qualities and see the unusual in everything I encounter. I hold the oddities and abnormalities life has to offer near and dear to my heart, and hope that others can see the beauty in them, too.
My creative process greatly involves the influence of my own interests and experiences. By integrating my knowledge of the uncommon, strange, and sometimes spooky, I’m able to reinvent the limits of a certain market’s status-quo with unexpected, eye-catching approaches. From heavy metal-inspired mocktails to organic teas showcasing the beauty of native Alaskan culture, I’m able to tackle any project with unexpected flair. I take great pride in helping to create unusual, unapologetic branding full of personality and charm.
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