It’s always been in my nature to dive deep into things, and go beyond the surface. When I say this I mean — my curiosity for life, people, and creation is boundless. It’s the mystery of life, and the space of the unknown that lights me up. I’m an ideas person, and I’m most excited when I’m looking at something from a perspective that hasn’t yet been explored. I’ve recently been certified as a life coach, and one of the questions I’ll ask my clients when they’re feeling stuck is, “if this phase of your life was in a novel, what would you title the chapter?” I’ve found that it’s open-ended, creative questions like this that lead to the untapped, unique, and potentially life-changing answers. 
This open-ended curiosity permeates my soul as a strategist, designer, coach, and human being — I am deeply inspired by the answers that will reveal themselves when you swim deep enough to access them. 
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