I am Madison Heitner, a packaging designer who began my life in Perm, Russia. As a baby I was adopted by a loving family from New York who I am very grateful for. If it had not been for them, then I would not have gotten the same opportunities in life as if I had stayed in Russia, I also wouldn’t have found myself at FIT, where I discovered my love for design.
Due to my modest upbringing I have developed a very meticulous and methodical approach to life, and this translates through my designs as well. I tend to keep my designs more minimal and structured, and only utilize elements if there’s a reason for being there. I am also extremely tenacious, having to face many challenges in life. This taught me to keep persevering no matter what stands in my way, especially when it comes to my work. When there are setbacks or designs have to be changed multiple times, instead of getting discouraged I know the value of staying focused and getting done what needs to be done. 
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