My creative journey started right when I was able to pick up a crayon. My process began on the floor and I made makeshift easels by taping a sheet of paper to the side of a Little Tikes plastic slide, and plastered Crayola watercolors on the “canvas” to feel like an artist. Because of this, we quickly ran out of scotch tape and white paper at home. No one knew I was the culprit. 
The culmination of missing scotch tape, numerous paper cuts, and owning too much colorful paint for twenty years has brought me to design.
We as designers are perceived to be methodical and creative problem solvers. In a world that generally believes pink is for girls and blue is for boys, I especially value all design that leans towards gender-neutral and non-conforming aesthetics. To me, good design is measured if it is accessible and relatable and visually appreciated by all. 

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